JULY DIGITAL IPAD JOURNAL | DIARY + FREEBIES [GoodNotes 5 + Procreate + Keynote]

Hi friends!

In this video I’ll be sharing with you how I decorate the cover page for my July #DigitalJournal / #iPadDiary on my iPad Pro using GoodNotes 5, Procreate and Keynote.

I also offer everything I’ve created in the video for you to download, for free. Scroll down for the download links.

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Remember the mission I talked about HERE ?


It’s due today at 12:00 p.m.

And I aborted it long before.

Another oppurtunity wasted.

I’ll talk about it here and only here because no one I know in rl reads my blog.

Okay so the mission was to prepare a proposal for a scholarship interview.

Option was pretty limited. I could only choose these six universities to go to.

I was given 3 weeks to prepare a complete research proposal and I spent 2 weeks reading and attending online classes only to gave everything up at week 3.

The unfinished proposal.

Do I regret letting this go?

No. At least not yet.

Do I feel sad?


But please remember that it takes courage to give up. It wasn’t an easy decision. It took me many sleepless nights and a sea of tears before I concluded that Phd is not my priority anymore.

I do hope that in the future bigger oppurtunities will come my way even ones that are beyond belief.


Last days in KT

I’ve been here in my hometown since before the announcement of MCO. I will go back to the state of duty, JB, this Friday.

I have a big mission/task to do in JB. I will talk about it in another post. I am still freaking out over the mission.

Please please wish me luck and pray for the success of this mission.

See you Monday.