Mental Breakdown In A Cave?


The video of day 2 and 3 from the Perak trip I went to last month is already up on YouTube.

Me, my friends and my kids went to Gua Tempurung (cave), where I had a major mental breakdown LOL, and Kellie’s Castle as well as to Menara Condong.

It was indeed a very fun trip.


Fun In The Sun

My vlog has finally gone live!

It’s a 10 minute video of my trip to Perak the past weekend. Me, my friends and my kids went to Perak for 3 days (23-25 Sept) and this vlog is for day 1 only. We spent one whole day at Gunung Lang and Lost World of Tambun and Kinta City, Ipoh’s version of i-City, (which I did not vlog because honestly there wasn’t anything much to see there). However, I did see a lot like A LOT of people playing Pokemon Go! and of course, I banded together. I had to, guys. Gotta catch ’em all.

I had troubles editing the footage because first the quality was bad, guys! I was legit shaking the camera like hell. I think I should go see a doctor or something.

Secondly because there’s too much going on. I don’t wanna show what’s not needed to be shown (aka my fat ass belly, lmao) and scare people. So the edit out process was pretty difficult and at the end of the day, it didn’t bother me anymore.

So here’s the video. Enjoy!

VLOG | Perak Getaway | 23 09 2016

My Bucketlist

Happy birthday to me!


Yes, I turned exactly 30 years old hours ago and it’s not the best day ever. There are terrorist attacks happening somewhere, people are dying *Kardashian ;)*, people are hungry, I am hungry and most of all Pokemon Go is not yet available here where I live notwithstanding the rumor. Can’t catch ’em all.

Awful, right?

Anyway as I said, I will come up with a bucketlist of things I wanna do before I turn 40. So here they are.



Backpacking to nice places. Local or abroad, doesn’t matter.



Embrace minimalism. Is actually happening right now.



Go stargazing. With friends.



Watch Siti Nurhaliza live in concert. I adore her since I was 11.



Change career & move to a different city. This is BIG!



Speak a new language. Actually I don’t need to learn another. Just need to polish my Korean.



Own a business. Any business will do.



Make a video diary for myself. VLOG.



Learn to play guitar. Fingers crossed!



Get a PhD. I will come back at this when I’m 35.

Balik Raya With Me: July 1

So I just uploaded a 58 second video of the journey I took home on YouTube.

The video doesn’t have the most beautiful scenery but it’s memorable to me personally because I recorded it, haha.

No I mean because I was driving alone (which is rare) and the trip took me about 8 hours before I eventually reached home at about 4 p.m. ish. I think that was probably the longest solo drive I have ever done.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just any trip but the balik-kampung-oi-nak-raya-oi trip, so it’s very special.