I’m a firm believer in sinking funds. In fact, I have a number of successful sinking funds this year and I hope to carry on with the system for the year 2018.

These are the tracker sheets that I made myself so that I can organize all my sinking funds efficiently. I’ve been using these since the beginning of this year but not in my planner. Next year however, I’ll have them included in the financial section in my planner. SF

They are for the personal size planners and I am very happy to offer them for free. Just leave a comment under this post if you are interested in getting these inserts so that I can provide them in the next post or something.

Also, I’d like to know how do you manage your sinking funds because my system is pretty much these inserts and that’s it, lol.



Pre-planning Routine.

I only started pre-planning this year actually and I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. Pre-planning saves my messy a** big time and my planner looks neat now that I almost don’t have to erase any mistakes or stick too many sticky notes to mark events and stuff.

I use this printable weekly sheets from The Planner Spot to pre-plan my week.


The sheet is blank so it’s easy to set it according to your personal preference. For me, I dedicated those four sections to DUE, WORK, PERSONAL and FINANCE.


I can move my events all I want because this sheet is not a permanent insert in my planner.


As soon as I done transferring all the events into my actual weekly inserts, I change the pre-planning sheet to a new one.


Another way I pre-plan is using this convenient weekly desk planner I got from Typo. I mainly use this to pre-plan my big events or projects because it’s huge and has plenty of space to write on.


By the way, this is my current planner setup. I’m loving it so far.IMG_6514.JPG

2017 Planner Setup

Hi. Long time no see.

For the year 2017, I’ll be using the same planner I use this year which is the gorgeous Kate Spade Wellesley in black.


The only thing that is going to be different is the inserts, of course.

It’s hard to find good personal size planner inserts where I live. I tried Typo, Harris and other major bookstores in Johor Bahru but to no avail. So I decided to go online and I found this website called

Thank god they carry personal size inserts! I’m so glad that I made the purchase and when it came in the mail a few day ago, the quality is good! Better than the Kate Spade ones that I’ve been using.

I believe this is the Dream Planner inserts from

The inserts do come with beautiful dividers but they’re just too colorful to my liking so I decided to make my own. I went ahead and used the pages from New York at Night, a photobook that’s been sitting on my nightstand for so long, collecting dust. It turned out great after I laminated them!

The dividers that I’m going to be utilized next years are HOME, MONTHLY, WEEKLY, EXPENSES and an unlabeled one to house random stuff.

I also made my own dashboard from the same book and a couple other inserts like my Bucket List insert, When I Did Last, Month at a Glance, cash envelopes as well as my Cash Flow Inserts. They are all in black and white. I am going for the minimalistic and simple planning routine next year so there won’t be any crazy colored spread.

I also made the page marker from a pvc sheet that I am so proud of because it is so cute.

Page marker.

Other than that, all the inserts are from Paperdorable.


And if you want to, you can watch this video where there are more pictures of the planner.

Payday Routine.

Today is payday. So that also means it’s envelope stuffing day!

These are my cash envelopes. I made them a bit fancy because why not?

This cash envelope system helps me so much with my monthly budgeting. I know people carry these envelopes in their wallets but I keep mine in my planner. For my wallet, I just use dividers, not the actual envelopes because it’s such a hassle to pull out those envelopes from my wallet every time I need some cash. Plus, it’s embarrassing, don’t you think? Especially in public.

And as you can see, I have several categories with of course different amount of cash stuffed in each envelope and they are not all I have. I do have a couple more  envelopes.

I may or may not do a separate blog post about this system because I think it’s kind of self-explanatory. But I swear by this system and I want to keep reminding myself to spend my hard earned money wisely even though I do cheat once in a while.

Who doesn’t?


April 2016.

Woot! So I paid my tuition fee and finally my name was on the list of graduate. I was glad. I mean, heart was (or is) still aching from what happened with MyBrain (my scholarship). Anyway, I already got my graduation outfit sorted. Actually me and my mom went shopping together for batik sutera (silk) when I was home last month.


A lot happened before the graduation day (April 23). I shall do a separate post for Graduation Day.

Graduated 🙂

And I have to say that April has to be the most stressful month for me, by far.

The busiest spread ever.

 Other than graduation, I also had Korean Language Class which was okay even though I got nervous from time to time. My brain is aging I guess because I was having a hard time to memorize the words my teacher taught me. On top of that, I was assigned to do something grueling at work, which I hated, ugh! I was in charge to appoint teachers as substitute/ emergency teachers for one whole month.


But the best thing for April was Day6 comeback. Yes, a Korean BAND. They were streaming live on V App at midnight and it was the best!