Pre-planning Routine.

I only started pre-planning this year actually and I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. Pre-planning saves my messy a** big time and my planner looks neat now that I almost don’t have to erase any mistakes or stick too many sticky notes to mark events and stuff.

I use this printable weekly sheets from The Planner Spot to pre-plan my week.


The sheet is blank so it’s easy to set it according to your personal preference. For me, I dedicated those four sections to DUE, WORK, PERSONAL and FINANCE.


I can move my events all I want because this sheet is not a permanent insert in my planner.


As soon as I done transferring all the events into my actual weekly inserts, I change the pre-planning sheet to a new one.


Another way I pre-plan is using this convenient weekly desk planner I got from Typo. I mainly use this to pre-plan my big events or projects because it’s huge and has plenty of space to write on.


By the way, this is my current planner setup. I’m loving it so far.IMG_6514.JPG


Once Upon An Eid

Hi. Selamat Hari Raya.

It’s been one week since Eid (glad it’s technically over) but I still want to say maaf zahir batin to you and to anyone who happens to read this abandoned blog by chance.

I’m already in Johor Bahru and at work.

But I was in my hometown in Terengganu for Eid. Where else could I be?

Same old place, same old routine. I was still holed up in my room the whole time we had guests coming over. My two brothers were in existence but customarily to no purpose. And my mom was still THE mom.

The only difference is that my sister’s now married so she was absent on the eve of Eid which was a little odd since the 5 of us were never separated during this time of the year.  We came in a bundle but the bundle is now detached but to advantage.

It’s okay.


I blurred my sister’s face because I was trying this new image blurring app on my phone and accidentally deleted the original photo.



Sister, myself and mom. That’s, by the way, my go to photo face. Embrace it.


Not sure if I’m allowed to post this on the Internet but here it is. IMG_7217.JPG

Ayoh Teh and us, minus my other brother.


Also take note, this is my ultimate favorite cookie.


Guilty. Finished half the jar all by myself in one sitting.

What’s yours?

My Bucketlist

Happy birthday to me!


Yes, I turned exactly 30 years old hours ago and it’s not the best day ever. There are terrorist attacks happening somewhere, people are dying *Kardashian ;)*, people are hungry, I am hungry and most of all Pokemon Go is not yet available here where I live notwithstanding the rumor. Can’t catch ’em all.

Awful, right?

Anyway as I said, I will come up with a bucketlist of things I wanna do before I turn 40. So here they are.



Backpacking to nice places. Local or abroad, doesn’t matter.



Embrace minimalism. Is actually happening right now.



Go stargazing. With friends.



Watch Siti Nurhaliza live in concert. I adore her since I was 11.



Change career & move to a different city. This is BIG!



Speak a new language. Actually I don’t need to learn another. Just need to polish my Korean.



Own a business. Any business will do.



Make a video diary for myself. VLOG.



Learn to play guitar. Fingers crossed!



Get a PhD. I will come back at this when I’m 35.

Graduation Series Part 1

Yes, this is about my Graduation Day. It was long ago I know but the vlog editing work is still in progress.

I’m a poor turtle.

Anyway, you can read the graduation story here (click me!)

Actually, I’ve promised my friends that the vlogs will be ready by May. But now it’s already July and I only have one part of the series done, amateurishly.

I’m not good at iMovie so bear with me my dear friends. And it’s kind of embarrassing to put myself out there. I mean on YouTube. I don’t feel comfortable about showcasing my face myself and my life because I got no jam. Still and all, that’s the only way I can share the videos with my friends whom I haven’t met since graduation. We’re all busy little bees.

Whatever lah.

Watch if you want to.

This is part one of the Graduation Series. Part 2 will go live very soon.

I mean, very very soon.