Dakgalbi 닭갈비

Dakgalbi or Korean spicy stir-fried chicken is one of my favorite Korean food. Recently me and my friend, Wahida, found a dakgalbi restaurant called Mr. Dakgalbi . Wahida, a hardcore Korean enthusiast, of course thrilled the most by the discovery so she dragged us to the restaurant which is established in Sutera Mall, JB.

We had no clue what to order so we played it safe by ordering a basic set of dakgalbi for 2 pax.


They will fry the food for you, so don’t panic.


The set came with rice and ramyeon with no vegies. You can go for the other set, also for 2 pax, but with vegies. Or add on more cheese, more ramyeon or more rice or even order for rice cakes.

Despite the burning red color, it was not spicy at all but had like a settled sweet taste to it which was lovely. I especially enjoy the ramyeon. The fried rice also tasted so good mixed with the cheese.

Wahida also ordered this delicious seafood (or was it potato?) pancake which tasted pretty much like jemput-jemput bawang (onion fritter), my favorite.IMG_6816.JPGYou dip this in the soy sauce but it’s too salty to my liking.

IMG_6814.JPGMe and Wahida about to devour the food. What you can see on the table are the 반찬 or side dish (kimchi ~duh!~, salad, raddish, cabbage and clear soup).

The price? I don’t exactly remember how much we paid but it was affordable. You won’t cry and curse.



My Bucketlist

Happy birthday to me!


Yes, I turned exactly 30 years old hours ago and it’s not the best day ever. There are terrorist attacks happening somewhere, people are dying *Kardashian ;)*, people are hungry, I am hungry and most of all Pokemon Go is not yet available here where I live notwithstanding the rumor. Can’t catch ’em all.

Awful, right?

Anyway as I said, I will come up with a bucketlist of things I wanna do before I turn 40. So here they are.



Backpacking to nice places. Local or abroad, doesn’t matter.



Embrace minimalism. Is actually happening right now.



Go stargazing. With friends.



Watch Siti Nurhaliza live in concert. I adore her since I was 11.



Change career & move to a different city. This is BIG!



Speak a new language. Actually I don’t need to learn another. Just need to polish my Korean.



Own a business. Any business will do.



Make a video diary for myself. VLOG.



Learn to play guitar. Fingers crossed!



Get a PhD. I will come back at this when I’m 35.

I’m a Korean Wannabe?

Ouch that hurts!

By any means, that is not the case. I studied Korean language simply because I’ve always wanted to study a foreign language before I turn 30 and Korean just happened to be the language I choose to study. Plus after graduated, I had nothing to do. I feel like I don’t need to justify this but, still.


So, I took the Korean 1 class at UTM. I paid $350 for it since I am an alumni. Normal fee was $450, if I’m not mistaken. Don’t quote me. The class started in March and ended last May for a total of 12 sessions, I believe. It was on every Sunday and Tuesday from 8 – 10 p.m.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 8.48.55 AM
The “Korean wannabe” squad. Liza, me and Wahida.

One of the hardest parts has to be the numeral system. It was a big shock to me when I learned that they have 2 different number systems, the Pure Korean and the Sino-Korean. Like one is not enough right? So they need two, freakin TWO. Them Koreans are genius!

Especially when you wanna tell the time. The hours have to be in pure Korean numbers and the minutes have to be in Sino-Korean numbers and I’m not sure about the seconds.


Overall tho, it was a fun experience and nerve-wrecking at the same time because I already know that I’m not good at language. In fact my Malay and English are questionable, lulz.

Our 선생님 (sonsengnim) or teacher in Korean  bought us 김밥 (gimbap) one day and it was delicious.

잘 먹었습니다 ( I ate well).

감사합니다, 선생님 (thank you, teacher).

At the end of class, we had an exam. Err, let’s not go there.

So what have I acquired from the class now that it’s over?


Oh well.

I now can read and write 한글 (hangeul) and my Korean vocabulary has expanded pretty extensively but not to the point where I’m able to understand the whole KDrama or anything. I’m still crying out for English subtitle.

I’m still working on it but don’t expect me to speak a full, complete, faultless sentence anytime soon. I’m learning at my pace and I soon will turn 30. Please understand.

But of course, I can proudly throw some random Korean words and sentences here and there. My way to annoy people, hehe.


March 2016.

Still waiting for the goddamn graduation invitation letter. I was mad because the list of graduates was out in the university website but I couldn’t verify my name. But then I realized that I had not pay the tuition fee for the final semester yet hence, no graduation! It was not my fault at all because I was sponsored by MyBrain, a scholarship program for postgraduate. They were supposed to pay my fee but they did not. In fact, still up until today, they do not. I had to pay with my own money! But they promised (after 3 millions of phone calls by me) that they would pay me back in three weeks if I send in the documentations one more time.

Yes, I sent in the agreement, the contract and everything they told me to. Again, it wasn’t my fault at all. They emailed me the wrong documentations in the first place and thus the contract was invalid. So they emailed me the right ones (hopefully) and I already sent it back via snail mail, pfft! It was complicated and I was tired.

But I want my money back!

If anyone ever experienced the same problem with MyBrain, do let me know how it was like dealing with it. Leave a comment or something, I would love to know how long do I have to wait until I get my money back.

So, enough with that.

Just when I thought I’ve had enough with school and actually swore to never going back, I registered for a foreign language class.


At the same university I went to get my master’s degree.

I will do a separate post for this particular class. And also another post for my trip to Legoland. I went to Legoland for the 3rd time, I think? It was nothing special but I got the ticket for free, so why not?

By the way, if you are a fan of KPop, which I am recently (yea, judge me), you might know the boy group, Got7. They made a comeback on March 20 I believe. So while I was at Legoland, I made a little tribute to them, lol.

Got7. Flight Log: Departure. 

Also, I went back home again this month. I legit go back to Terengganu every month, which is awesome!

Me and my little cousin at our cousin’s wedding.