Once Upon An Eid

Hi. Selamat Hari Raya.

It’s been one week since Eid (glad it’s technically over) but I still want to say maaf zahir batin to you and to anyone who happens to read this abandoned blog by chance.

I’m already in Johor Bahru and at work.

But I was in my hometown in Terengganu for Eid. Where else could I be?

Same old place, same old routine. I was still holed up in my room the whole time we had guests coming over. My two brothers were in existence but customarily to no purpose. And my mom was still THE mom.

The only difference is that my sister’s now married so she was absent on the eve of Eid which was a little odd since the 5 of us were never separated during this time of the year.  We came in a bundle but the bundle is now detached but to advantage.

It’s okay.


I blurred my sister’s face because I was trying this new image blurring app on my phone and accidentally deleted the original photo.



Sister, myself and mom. That’s, by the way, my go to photo face. Embrace it.


Not sure if I’m allowed to post this on the Internet but here it is. IMG_7217.JPG

Ayoh Teh and us, minus my other brother.


Also take note, this is my ultimate favorite cookie.


Guilty. Finished half the jar all by myself in one sitting.

What’s yours?


Graduation Day


This is going to be quite a long post.

Thursday. March 21.

Faculty Academic Excellence Awards

I was invited to attend this award ceremony together with 2 other friends, Hasna & Amir. So I took a day off work.

It’s embarrassing to post this up here but whatever.

Me, Hasna and Amir.

Us award recipients with our professors.

There were only about 60 recipients so the ceremony lasted for I believe a little over an hour. After that, we went for a quick photo shoot and lunch.

Amir was our photographer that day.

Oh man, I hated the robe! It made me, who’s already fat, looked fatter like large, LAAAAARGE!

Kak Farhana joined us later that day.
Kak Jaja also joined us later at lunch.

Friday . March 22. 

Rehearsal & Best Student Awards Ceremony

Only me and Kak Farhana went to the rehearsal. It was early in the morning and I was very tired because the night before I was too exhausted from cleaning my room so I couldn’t sleep. I went to pick up my mom and my sister at 5 a.m., we had breakfast together and the I went straight to Dewan Sultan Iskandar where the rehearsal took place.


After rehearsal, me and Kak Farhana walked to our cars and suddenly she told me she had a surprise for me.

I was almost in tears when she gave me the sunflower.
Thank you, Kak Farhana ❤

I always wanted a tall single-stem sunflower for my graduation. You’re super sweet lah Kak Pana.

Later that day, I attended another academic award ceremony. This time it was the Best Postgraduate Student Awards hosted by School of Graduate Studies, UTM.


I was accompanied by mom and sister as all the recipients were allowed to bring 2 guests.

Me and my mom.
Me and Kak Sakinah.
Truly filled with gratitude for the awards. I did not expect this at all.

Saturday. March 23.


Finally came the day. The conferment session for postgraduates was in the morning. We had to register at the lobby of Student’s Union Building from 6:45-7:15 a.m. It was obviously too early for me. Insane.


We were already in queue since 7:15 a.m and it took us forever to get into the hall, Dewan Sultan Iskandar. Even though it was pretty early in the morning, it was scorching hot! My hijab was soaked and it was not attractive at all, lol.

In the hall, I was seated next to Kak Sakinah and this lovely girl on the right.

Four hours later, the graduation ceremony came to an end. The campus was way too crowded so my family decided to leave early but not before taking a couple of decent pictures.

So surreal. After two years of blood and tears, I finally graduated with a master’s degree.

I’m thankful though for the opportunity and for the support especially from my family. Before I get a little too emotional, let’s just end this post right here.



February 2016.

Results for the final semester was out (I did well, heh)  so for the rest of the month, I just waited for the graduation invitation letter, which I already knew will be emailed to me by March, but still.

I was however still struggling with the International Education Post Graduate Seminar paper. I was supposed to present my thesis last year but somehow managed to duck it and I thought it was over and out. But later I was told that I still need to send in the paper to be published.


So I edited the paper like I was advised to. However in the end, I didn’t send it in because I was lazy.

In this month also, I sent my brother off to Australia. Thank goodness his flight was during my day off so I had a chance to drive him to the airport. My mom and sister were also at the airport. Actually, my sister drove us there.

None of us cried. Or at least I know I didn’t.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.07.53 PM

Oh, I went home for almost a week for Chinese New Year. It was fun as always. I think that was the highlight of the month, being at home.

I went to eat Noodle Boat with my friend, Shida and her two adorable kids.

Shida was heavily pregnant at that time when we hung out at Sutera Mall. The reason we went to the mall wasn’t because of the Noodle Boat alone but also because I wanted to buy the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 for myself and my sister (ahem, a little charity there).

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.18.11 PM
So I got the camera for us in fun colors. My sister specifically asked for the yellow one.

And that was it for February.