Balik Raya With Me: July 1

So I just uploaded a 58 second video of the journey I took home on YouTube.

The video doesn’t have the most beautiful scenery but it’s memorable to me personally because I recorded it, haha.

No I mean because I was driving alone (which is rare) and the trip took me about 8 hours before I eventually reached home at about 4 p.m. ish. I think that was probably the longest solo drive I have ever done.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just any trip but the balik-kampung-oi-nak-raya-oi trip, so it’s very special.


What’s Good Terengganu?

So I’m going home tomorrow and of course I have to let everyone know.

My Raya journey will start at 8 a.m. and now I’m packing my stuff and after putting this post up, I will go ahead and throw the stuff into my car so I don’t have to worry about them tomorrow.

Safe trip!