March 2016.

Still waiting for the goddamn graduation invitation letter. I was mad because the list of graduates was out in the university website but I couldn’t verify my name. But then I realized that I had not pay the tuition fee for the final semester yet hence, no graduation! It was not my fault at all because I was sponsored by MyBrain, a scholarship program for postgraduate. They were supposed to pay my fee but they did not. In fact, still up until today, they do not. I had to pay with my own money! But they promised (after 3 millions of phone calls by me) that they would pay me back in three weeks if I send in the documentations one more time.

Yes, I sent in the agreement, the contract and everything they told me to. Again, it wasn’t my fault at all. They emailed me the wrong documentations in the first place and thus the contract was invalid. So they emailed me the right ones (hopefully) and I already sent it back via snail mail, pfft! It was complicated and I was tired.

But I want my money back!

If anyone ever experienced the same problem with MyBrain, do let me know how it was like dealing with it. Leave a comment or something, I would love to know how long do I have to wait until I get my money back.

So, enough with that.

Just when I thought I’ve had enough with school and actually swore to never going back, I registered for a foreign language class.


At the same university I went to get my master’s degree.

I will do a separate post for this particular class. And also another post for my trip to Legoland. I went to Legoland for the 3rd time, I think? It was nothing special but I got the ticket for free, so why not?

By the way, if you are a fan of KPop, which I am recently (yea, judge me), you might know the boy group, Got7. They made a comeback on March 20 I believe. So while I was at Legoland, I made a little tribute to them, lol.

Got7. Flight Log: Departure. 

Also, I went back home again this month. I legit go back to Terengganu every month, which is awesome!

Me and my little cousin at our cousin’s wedding.




February 2016.

Results for the final semester was out (I did well, heh)  so for the rest of the month, I just waited for the graduation invitation letter, which I already knew will be emailed to me by March, but still.

I was however still struggling with the International Education Post Graduate Seminar paper. I was supposed to present my thesis last year but somehow managed to duck it and I thought it was over and out. But later I was told that I still need to send in the paper to be published.


So I edited the paper like I was advised to. However in the end, I didn’t send it in because I was lazy.

In this month also, I sent my brother off to Australia. Thank goodness his flight was during my day off so I had a chance to drive him to the airport. My mom and sister were also at the airport. Actually, my sister drove us there.

None of us cried. Or at least I know I didn’t.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.07.53 PM

Oh, I went home for almost a week for Chinese New Year. It was fun as always. I think that was the highlight of the month, being at home.

I went to eat Noodle Boat with my friend, Shida and her two adorable kids.

Shida was heavily pregnant at that time when we hung out at Sutera Mall. The reason we went to the mall wasn’t because of the Noodle Boat alone but also because I wanted to buy the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 for myself and my sister (ahem, a little charity there).

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.18.11 PM
So I got the camera for us in fun colors. My sister specifically asked for the yellow one.

And that was it for February.




I’ve been slacking these past 5 months, I know. It is already June and here I am typing this post for the January update.

It’s okay.

Nobody cares anyway. Nobody reads this anyway.

So, here the recap for the month of January. I finished my final exams on day 3 of 2016 and I think I did pretty good. I don’t know, lol.

Went to study at the mall with Kak Farhana wearing these new shoes.

And then, there was also this research thesis thingymajiggy and conference papers as well as an article manuscript. Yes, all the fun stuff. Of course as I’m writing this post, they are no longer a nuisance. However looking back, I don’t know lah how I managed to handle all those things– plus work.

Life was chaotic and I was homesick.

But I remember the moment when I handled these hardbound copies to the faculty and to my supervisor…


… I was all set to party till dawn and ready to conquer a mountain! *cue epic music*

That’s for January.