Clarisonic Mia 2


Back in 2013 I had white spots on the side of my left cheek and my forehead. My mom noticed it one day and she thought the spots were white patches (panau) and insisted me to rub fresh ginger on my face which of course I refused to grant because I know that they were not just white patches. I mean the spots came with textures. I could feel it whenever I touched my cheek like it was there sitting underneath my skin.

FYI, I exfoliated my face everyday, twice a day (absurd) using the St. Ives green tea scrub.

st ives

But no success.

So I thought I needed to upgrade my skincare routine and maybe incorporate a tool or something. That’s when I found out about the Clarisonic cleansing brush. So I did my research and I read so many positive reviews on it.

I was completely sold.

I was so so eager to purchase it but I know it wasn’t available here in Malaysia. So I had to buy it online.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11.00.42 AM
I bought the blue one online and the grey one at Sephora.

Why 2? Because after a year of using the blue one, I lost the charger so I had to get a new one since the SA at Sephora told me they don’t sell a separate unit of charger.

And after almost 3 years of using it, these are my verdicts:

— No more white patches.

— My skin is less bumpy. It feels smooth to the touch.

— Texture is definitely better now.

— I don’t feel guilty about wearing foundation everyday anymore since I know my Mia 2 cleans my skin 6 times better than my hands alone *smirks*

— I feel fancy.

The thing about this tool is that I have to change the brush head every 3 months and it costs about RM90 for one brush. Hole in my wallet.

And speaking of brush head, there are many kinds available to provide for different skin concerns. I use the normal brush head. I’ve used the deep pore brush but it was too rough.

I use it once a day in the evening with the Hada Labo’s Deep Clean & Pore Refining cleanser, alternating between the 2 speeds that Mia 2 has.

hada labo

Honestly, I still get occasional breakout especially at that time of the month but it is much lesser than before I started using this tool.

Overall, I’m happy with my Mia 2. They are so many other tools out there and I’m not gonna lie sometimes I feel like abandon my Mia 2 and recruit another tool *ahem*Foreo Luna*ahem* especially when I lost the charger last year. But no, I ran to Sephora and bought the same tool, different color.


I love my Mia 2.


Beauty On A Budget.

Can’t afford a facial? Maybe don’t have time for it?

Fret not, dear. There are sheet masks to the rescue.

I know sheet masks are the in thing right now and there are so many on the market to choose from. I may not try it all but I have tried a few. That being said, I already have a favorite that I think is effective and pretty affordable too.

They are the sheet masks from Tonymoly. Specifically from the I’m Real line.

Packaging is super adorable.

I am obsessed with them! My favorites are the avocado ones for nutrition and the aloe ones for moisturizing.  And I lowkey enjoy the lemon ones for brightening as well. They are retailed for RM6.90 each but sometimes they offer a buy 1- free 1 deal so better look out for that.

What it does to my skin is that it gives instant result for whatever it claims to do. It’s for temporary but that’s good enough. I don’t care. I’m using it everyday. Yes, every single day.

But don’t get me wrong, my skin is far from perfect. I have too many imperfections to begin with. But I’m trying to get better guys. I am trying.

I enjoy putting it on every night while watching YouTube videos. I wanna say I put it for roughly 40 minutes, sometimes less.

And I do actually set a timer on my phone.

Honestly, I have a few other favorites but these ones from Tonymoly are the most inexpensive compare to the others that I also like. So for now I’m going to come by them until I find a better option.


I’m a Korean Wannabe?

Ouch that hurts!

By any means, that is not the case. I studied Korean language simply because I’ve always wanted to study a foreign language before I turn 30 and Korean just happened to be the language I choose to study. Plus after graduated, I had nothing to do. I feel like I don’t need to justify this but, still.


So, I took the Korean 1 class at UTM. I paid $350 for it since I am an alumni. Normal fee was $450, if I’m not mistaken. Don’t quote me. The class started in March and ended last May for a total of 12 sessions, I believe. It was on every Sunday and Tuesday from 8 – 10 p.m.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 8.48.55 AM
The “Korean wannabe” squad. Liza, me and Wahida.

One of the hardest parts has to be the numeral system. It was a big shock to me when I learned that they have 2 different number systems, the Pure Korean and the Sino-Korean. Like one is not enough right? So they need two, freakin TWO. Them Koreans are genius!

Especially when you wanna tell the time. The hours have to be in pure Korean numbers and the minutes have to be in Sino-Korean numbers and I’m not sure about the seconds.


Overall tho, it was a fun experience and nerve-wrecking at the same time because I already know that I’m not good at language. In fact my Malay and English are questionable, lulz.

Our 선생님 (sonsengnim) or teacher in Korean  bought us 김밥 (gimbap) one day and it was delicious.

잘 먹었습니다 ( I ate well).

감사합니다, 선생님 (thank you, teacher).

At the end of class, we had an exam. Err, let’s not go there.

So what have I acquired from the class now that it’s over?


Oh well.

I now can read and write 한글 (hangeul) and my Korean vocabulary has expanded pretty extensively but not to the point where I’m able to understand the whole KDrama or anything. I’m still crying out for English subtitle.

I’m still working on it but don’t expect me to speak a full, complete, faultless sentence anytime soon. I’m learning at my pace and I soon will turn 30. Please understand.

But of course, I can proudly throw some random Korean words and sentences here and there. My way to annoy people, hehe.

Payday Routine.

Today is payday. So that also means it’s envelope stuffing day!

These are my cash envelopes. I made them a bit fancy because why not?

This cash envelope system helps me so much with my monthly budgeting. I know people carry these envelopes in their wallets but I keep mine in my planner. For my wallet, I just use dividers, not the actual envelopes because it’s such a hassle to pull out those envelopes from my wallet every time I need some cash. Plus, it’s embarrassing, don’t you think? Especially in public.

And as you can see, I have several categories with of course different amount of cash stuffed in each envelope and they are not all I have. I do have a couple more  envelopes.

I may or may not do a separate blog post about this system because I think it’s kind of self-explanatory. But I swear by this system and I want to keep reminding myself to spend my hard earned money wisely even though I do cheat once in a while.

Who doesn’t?


What happened in May?

Well, nothing much.

I was supposed to spend the long Labor Day weekend in KL with my friend, Wahida, and her friend. We planned to spend the time at a hotel, go watch a random movie and of course, karaoke.

But meh, I bailed out at the very last minute. Instead, I was in my room all day for days watching Kdramas. I jumped from one series to another. From My Love From The Stars to Master’s Sun to some other web dramas.

It wasn’t that bad actually.

By the way, Korean class went alright. I skipped one night because I was too tired from working all day long. Other than that, I managed to introduced myself in Korean pretty decently.

On May 10, Kak Farhana and I went to collect our graduation photos at UTM. I seriously wanted to rip all of mine to pieces because my photos came out so so badly. It was me, not the photographers’ fault. I just need to fix my face, seriously.

I also went back home again this month (surprise!). This time it was for 2 weeks and I drove. It took me 7 solid hours to reach home but it was worth it. I cried a little once I arrived, not from being emotional or whatever but because I couldn’t feel my butt for 10 minutes and my legs were numb.

But again, it was all worth it.

Graduation Day


This is going to be quite a long post.

Thursday. March 21.

Faculty Academic Excellence Awards

I was invited to attend this award ceremony together with 2 other friends, Hasna & Amir. So I took a day off work.

It’s embarrassing to post this up here but whatever.

Me, Hasna and Amir.

Us award recipients with our professors.

There were only about 60 recipients so the ceremony lasted for I believe a little over an hour. After that, we went for a quick photo shoot and lunch.

Amir was our photographer that day.

Oh man, I hated the robe! It made me, who’s already fat, looked fatter like large, LAAAAARGE!

Kak Farhana joined us later that day.
Kak Jaja also joined us later at lunch.

Friday . March 22. 

Rehearsal & Best Student Awards Ceremony

Only me and Kak Farhana went to the rehearsal. It was early in the morning and I was very tired because the night before I was too exhausted from cleaning my room so I couldn’t sleep. I went to pick up my mom and my sister at 5 a.m., we had breakfast together and the I went straight to Dewan Sultan Iskandar where the rehearsal took place.


After rehearsal, me and Kak Farhana walked to our cars and suddenly she told me she had a surprise for me.

I was almost in tears when she gave me the sunflower.
Thank you, Kak Farhana ❤

I always wanted a tall single-stem sunflower for my graduation. You’re super sweet lah Kak Pana.

Later that day, I attended another academic award ceremony. This time it was the Best Postgraduate Student Awards hosted by School of Graduate Studies, UTM.


I was accompanied by mom and sister as all the recipients were allowed to bring 2 guests.

Me and my mom.
Me and Kak Sakinah.
Truly filled with gratitude for the awards. I did not expect this at all.

Saturday. March 23.


Finally came the day. The conferment session for postgraduates was in the morning. We had to register at the lobby of Student’s Union Building from 6:45-7:15 a.m. It was obviously too early for me. Insane.


We were already in queue since 7:15 a.m and it took us forever to get into the hall, Dewan Sultan Iskandar. Even though it was pretty early in the morning, it was scorching hot! My hijab was soaked and it was not attractive at all, lol.

In the hall, I was seated next to Kak Sakinah and this lovely girl on the right.

Four hours later, the graduation ceremony came to an end. The campus was way too crowded so my family decided to leave early but not before taking a couple of decent pictures.

So surreal. After two years of blood and tears, I finally graduated with a master’s degree.

I’m thankful though for the opportunity and for the support especially from my family. Before I get a little too emotional, let’s just end this post right here.



April 2016.

Woot! So I paid my tuition fee and finally my name was on the list of graduate. I was glad. I mean, heart was (or is) still aching from what happened with MyBrain (my scholarship). Anyway, I already got my graduation outfit sorted. Actually me and my mom went shopping together for batik sutera (silk) when I was home last month.


A lot happened before the graduation day (April 23). I shall do a separate post for Graduation Day.

Graduated 🙂

And I have to say that April has to be the most stressful month for me, by far.

The busiest spread ever.

 Other than graduation, I also had Korean Language Class which was okay even though I got nervous from time to time. My brain is aging I guess because I was having a hard time to memorize the words my teacher taught me. On top of that, I was assigned to do something grueling at work, which I hated, ugh! I was in charge to appoint teachers as substitute/ emergency teachers for one whole month.


But the best thing for April was Day6 comeback. Yes, a Korean BAND. They were streaming live on V App at midnight and it was the best!