Help Me!

I have a few beauty/ skincare products that I’d be more than happy to review.

1. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment 

2. SKII Facial Treatment Essence

3. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser

4. Esteé Lauder Advanced Night Repair

5. Nano White Fresh Mattifying Moisturizer

Which one of these should I review first?

Help this girl decide, please.


Derma Health’s Skin Lab Concentrated Vitamin E Cream


I am back with another product review. This time, it’s the Derma Health’s Skin Lab Concentrated Vitamin E cream, an Australian brand.


Honestly this was a sudden purchase as I toured the aisle at Caring Pharmacy. I was sold at “Concentrated Vitamin E”. For the 200ml tube, it contains 10,000 iu of vitamin E means that the dosage of vitamin E is pretty high, which is good. Legit.

I’m avid user of concentrated vitamin creams. Prior to this cream, I’ve been loving the Simplysiti Hidra Vita treatment creams.


Eventhough the amount of vitamins are not provided, they are sooooo so good. I can skip the other products, but not these. I use the Vitamin C one in the afternoon and the Vitamin E one in the evening. Sometimes I use the M (multivitamin) one, it depends on whatever it is that I wanna use that time. But these ones are pretty tacky so it’s not comfortable at all. So I only use them in the afternoon or in the evening, never in the morning before makeup.

However this Derma Health’s Skin Lab Concentrated Vitamin E cream is totally a game changer. It’s not oily at all. It has the consistency of a lotion, like our typical body lotion. It’s no surprise because I found it sitting on the body lotion shelf at Guardian. In fact, this product is made not specifically for face. It’s for skin in general.


The packaging says that it is formulated to help reduce scar visibility, diminish stretch marks, prevent dry, cracked and damaged skin, lighten acne and other blemishes, reduce the sunburn effect as well as reduce the reoccurrence of new wrinkles.

So I believe it’s a multipurpose cream and totally safe to be used on the face too, according to the packaging. You can definitely use it as a moisturizer right before makeup but I don’t because for that purpose I have a specific moisturizer that I swear by. So I only use this cream whenever I don’t wear makeup.


The first time I applied this cream I was already awed at how fast it absorbed into the skin, like almost instantly. It leaves nothing on the skin. No oil residue, no film residue, nothing like that at all. So I love to reapply it 2 to 3 times each time.

I notice that it does reduce scar visibility. I had one small scar at the corner of my nose from scratching and it was gone in just like a week, I’m not kidding you. As for stretch marks, I haven’t tried it on mine so I don’t know if it works or if it’s not. Maybe I should try.

Because I’m so obsessed with the cream, I went ahead and bought another pack of 2 and a miniature one for travelling.

This pack has a 100ml tube and a 200ml tube.  


I wanna give one of these to my mom because she has cracked heels. Hopefully this cream will help her combat xerosis as well.

Oh, the price? It’s not expensive at all. For a single 100ml tube, it retails for ±RM24 and for the value pack (100ml+200ml), I bought it for ±RM44 at Caring Pharmacy. I know the box says RM51.90. Don’t trust the box, trust me. And the travel size, I picked it up for RM5.90 at Guardian.

I think that’s it for the review. I’ll see you in the next one.

Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam


So this is another review on a facial cleanser, which is the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam from The Face Shop.


Honestly I have nothing much to say about this cleanser. Other that the amazing scent that it has, I find to be so-so. Compare to the Chia Seed Fresh Cleansing Foam, this one doesn’t have beads in it so it won’t exfoliate my skin, which is not necessarily bad. I mean because I can use it after my ultimate favorite scrub, the St. Ives apricot scrub. So it’s good. It doesn’t break me out either and I use this everyday in the afternoon after work (my work ends at 1 p.m.).


The packaging says that this cleanser cleanses away makeup but I don’t think I should rely on the cleanser alone. So what I do is I remove my makeup with baby wipes, proceed with makeup cleansing oil, scrub and then this cleanser. I love the smell of this cleanser. I think it smells sort of like floral talcum, mild yet calming.

This cleanser is for all skin types and it contains natural cleansing agents including rice extract and soapwort extract. It leaves skin looking clear and bright. Since I’m pretty tan myself, I don’t see a permanent difference in the brightness of my skin but it does look a little brighter right after cleansing (or am I delusional? lol).  I guess it takes time for the brightening property to take effect on my skin. Don’t confuse brightening with whitening though. This cleanser is not for whitening or bleaching or anything like that. I just hope that this cleanser helps me lighten my hyperpigmentation and even out my skin tone.

On the website, it retails for RM33.90 (150 ml), slightly cheaper than the Chia Seed Fresh Cleansing Foam. So give this a try if you’re in the market for a moisturizing and brightening yet mild cleanser that doesn’t hurt your wallet.

Chia Seed Fresh Cleansing Foam

So today I decided to do a simple review on the two cleansers that I bought last month. Since it has already been a month since I started using them, I believe I’ve got the ‘license’ to leave commentaries that’s if I like them, if I don’t and what’s good have they done to my skin.

First is the Chia Seed Fresh Cleansing Foam from The Face Shop.


I’ve been meaning to try this one since I started using the emulsion from the same line. I am obsessed with the emulsion so I figured the cleanser would be good too and I was right. It is not like the best cleanser but it’s good. At least it doesn’t break me out. Not WOW! but just wow, y’know what I mean, right?

I use this cleanser every morning (with bare hands) and I notice that my skin is less oily for the next 6 hours.

From the packaging, it claims to remove impurities trapped in pores, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean. It does leave my skin feeling fresh and clean. It smells so good too, very mild and refreshing and it wakes me up so I like that about it.

The website says that this cleanser contains soluble scrub to exfoliate and care for pores at the same time. I barely see any beads but it does feel a little rough (but not sharp or harsh or anything like that) to the touch. So I guess that’s the exfoliator.

I use a little less than this but it still  foams very richly since it has abundant amount of saponin* in it. So a little definitely goes a long way.

* Saponins are glycosides with a distinctive foaming characteristic. They are found in many plants. Thanks, Google.

For 150ml tube, it retails for about RM38.90. You can purchase it from the website.

But I picked it up during my birthday month so I got 30% off. I took the advantage of the discount and picked up another cleanser which is the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam. I think I’ll do a separate post on this one since this post is already pretty lengthy. So, see you there!

Skincare Routine?

This post has been sitting unattended in the draft for exactly 7 days now. I was a little hesitant because my skin is not perfect at all. I’m not 100% happy with how my skin looks like. I am super insecure.

For all that, should I blog about my full morning, day and night routine?

Yes, I have 3 sets of routine. Morning, noon and evening. Morning is before I go to work. No work, no morning skincare routine. Noon is for when I get back from work. FYI, I work from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. so the noon routine usually starts at 1:30 p.m right before my nap time. And my evening routine starts around 2 hours before I go to bed.

I would love to do a proper post because I can keep a log for my personal reference in the future about products that I’ve used and steps that I’ve taken in the past.

Honestly, my skincare steps are pretty excessive I think. Because 4 years ago, I gave no s*** about my skin and when I started to care, I went extreme since I noticed that there are tons to repair and tons more to avoid.

But they say better late than never, right?

So leggo.




Clear Lotion


Eye Cream



Matte Moisturizer


Face Make-up


Makeup Remover sheet

Makeup Remover Oil




Wash-off / Clay Mask (2 times a week)

Clear Lotion


Eye Cream

Face Serum

Pore Serum


Spot Treatment

Vitamin E Concentrate Treatment Cream



Cleanse with Clarisonic Mia 2


Face Oil

Sheet Mask

Clear Lotion


Eye Cream

Face Serum

Pore Serum


Spot Treatment

Vitamin E Concentrate Treatment Cream

Night Treatment Cream

Woah! I didn’t realize how overwhelming the steps were until I typed them out.

Oh FYI, I use a mix of Asian and Western brands and there is also one local product from Malaysia that I enjoy using for years.

Am I too much?

Tell me I’m not. Tell me I’m not alone.


Clarisonic Mia 2


Back in 2013 I had white spots on the side of my left cheek and my forehead. My mom noticed it one day and she thought the spots were white patches (panau) and insisted me to rub fresh ginger on my face which of course I refused to grant because I know that they were not just white patches. I mean the spots came with textures. I could feel it whenever I touched my cheek like it was there sitting underneath my skin.

FYI, I exfoliated my face everyday, twice a day (absurd) using the St. Ives green tea scrub.

st ives

But no success.

So I thought I needed to upgrade my skincare routine and maybe incorporate a tool or something. That’s when I found out about the Clarisonic cleansing brush. So I did my research and I read so many positive reviews on it.

I was completely sold.

I was so so eager to purchase it but I know it wasn’t available here in Malaysia. So I had to buy it online.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11.00.42 AM
I bought the blue one online and the grey one at Sephora.

Why 2? Because after a year of using the blue one, I lost the charger so I had to get a new one since the SA at Sephora told me they don’t sell a separate unit of charger.

And after almost 3 years of using it, these are my verdicts:

— No more white patches.

— My skin is less bumpy. It feels smooth to the touch.

— Texture is definitely better now.

— I don’t feel guilty about wearing foundation everyday anymore since I know my Mia 2 cleans my skin 6 times better than my hands alone *smirks*

— I feel fancy.

The thing about this tool is that I have to change the brush head every 3 months and it costs about RM90 for one brush. Hole in my wallet.

And speaking of brush head, there are many kinds available to provide for different skin concerns. I use the normal brush head. I’ve used the deep pore brush but it was too rough.

I use it once a day in the evening with the Hada Labo’s Deep Clean & Pore Refining cleanser, alternating between the 2 speeds that Mia 2 has.

hada labo

Honestly, I still get occasional breakout especially at that time of the month but it is much lesser than before I started using this tool.

Overall, I’m happy with my Mia 2. They are so many other tools out there and I’m not gonna lie sometimes I feel like abandon my Mia 2 and recruit another tool *ahem*Foreo Luna*ahem* especially when I lost the charger last year. But no, I ran to Sephora and bought the same tool, different color.


I love my Mia 2.

Beauty On A Budget.

Can’t afford a facial? Maybe don’t have time for it?

Fret not, dear. There are sheet masks to the rescue.

I know sheet masks are the in thing right now and there are so many on the market to choose from. I may not try it all but I have tried a few. That being said, I already have a favorite that I think is effective and pretty affordable too.

They are the sheet masks from Tonymoly. Specifically from the I’m Real line.

Packaging is super adorable.

I am obsessed with them! My favorites are the avocado ones for nutrition and the aloe ones for moisturizing.  And I lowkey enjoy the lemon ones for brightening as well. They are retailed for RM6.90 each but sometimes they offer a buy 1- free 1 deal so better look out for that.

What it does to my skin is that it gives instant result for whatever it claims to do. It’s for temporary but that’s good enough. I don’t care. I’m using it everyday. Yes, every single day.

But don’t get me wrong, my skin is far from perfect. I have too many imperfections to begin with. But I’m trying to get better guys. I am trying.

I enjoy putting it on every night while watching YouTube videos. I wanna say I put it for roughly 40 minutes, sometimes less.

And I do actually set a timer on my phone.

Honestly, I have a few other favorites but these ones from Tonymoly are the most inexpensive compare to the others that I also like. So for now I’m going to come by them until I find a better option.