Dakgalbi 닭갈비

Dakgalbi or Korean spicy stir-fried chicken is one of my favorite Korean food. Recently me and my friend, Wahida, found a dakgalbi restaurant called Mr. Dakgalbi . Wahida, a hardcore Korean enthusiast, of course thrilled the most by the discovery so she dragged us to the restaurant which is established in Sutera Mall, JB.

We had no clue what to order so we played it safe by ordering a basic set of dakgalbi for 2 pax.


They will fry the food for you, so don’t panic.


The set came with rice and ramyeon with no vegies. You can go for the other set, also for 2 pax, but with vegies. Or add on more cheese, more ramyeon or more rice or even order for rice cakes.

Despite the burning red color, it was not spicy at all but had like a settled sweet taste to it which was lovely. I especially enjoy the ramyeon. The fried rice also tasted so good mixed with the cheese.

Wahida also ordered this delicious seafood (or was it potato?) pancake which tasted pretty much like jemput-jemput bawang (onion fritter), my favorite.IMG_6816.JPGYou dip this in the soy sauce but it’s too salty to my liking.

IMG_6814.JPGMe and Wahida about to devour the food. What you can see on the table are the 반찬 or side dish (kimchi ~duh!~, salad, raddish, cabbage and clear soup).

The price? I don’t exactly remember how much we paid but it was affordable. You won’t cry and curse.



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