2017 Planner Setup

Hi. Long time no see.

For the year 2017, I’ll be using the same planner I use this year which is the gorgeous Kate Spade Wellesley in black.


The only thing that is going to be different is the inserts, of course.

It’s hard to find good personal size planner inserts where I live. I tried Typo, Harris and other major bookstores in Johor Bahru but to no avail. So I decided to go online and I found this website called Paperdorable.com.

Thank god they carry personal size inserts! I’m so glad that I made the purchase and when it came in the mail a few day ago, the quality is good! Better than the Kate Spade ones that I’ve been using.

I believe this is the Dream Planner inserts from Paperdorable.com

The inserts do come with beautiful dividers but they’re just too colorful to my liking so I decided to make my own. I went ahead and used the pages from New York at Night, a photobook that’s been sitting on my nightstand for so long, collecting dust. It turned out great after I laminated them!

The dividers that I’m going to be utilized next years are HOME, MONTHLY, WEEKLY, EXPENSES and an unlabeled one to house random stuff.

I also made my own dashboard from the same book and a couple other inserts like my Bucket List insert, When I Did Last, Month at a Glance, cash envelopes as well as my Cash Flow Inserts. They are all in black and white. I am going for the minimalistic and simple planning routine next year so there won’t be any crazy colored spread.

I also made the page marker from a pvc sheet that I am so proud of because it is so cute.

Page marker.

Other than that, all the inserts are from Paperdorable.


And if you want to, you can watch this video where there are more pictures of the planner.


7 thoughts on “2017 Planner Setup”

  1. Beautiful planner! I love the idea of using an old book to make the dividers. Very creative! Question, I have thought about using the cash envelope system, do you find that useful to stay in budget? Many blessings in your new year.


    1. Hi! Happy New Year and Thank You!
      Personally, I think that the cash envelop system is very good to control my money and not to overspend. I make sure to stuff my envelopes with the right amount of cash and stick with it. The key is for me to not bring the envelopes everywhere especially to the mall otherwise I’d draw the money from the envelopes inaptly. I only take what I need.

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  2. i love your cash envelope system. I have my own cash system as well but with the help of an app called pennies. Initially i did have an envelope to separate the cash but after awhile I realised that its kind of cumbersome for me to take the money out of the envelope each time i am paying for my groceries, so i ditched the envelope and got a wallet which has a separate compartment to store the cash. So far its working for me, let’s see how long this system of mine goes 😃

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    1. Hi. Thank you for leaving a comment. I actually have compartments in my wallet too. I use paper clips to clip together my cash for different categories so i don’t have to bring the envelopes everywhere. I just take out enough money and put it in my wallet. I’ll do a post about it very soon.


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