Birthday Month

Due to Eid, I almost forgot my birthday!

It’s actually coming in exactly 2 weeks. I guess I don’t find birthdays fun anymore, especially my own. Also probably because I’m going to lose the initial number ‘2’. Soon the 2 is going to be replaced by 3. So tell me where the fun is?

However on the first day of July, I received a text from Keihl’s that says “Happy Birthday! Come collect your bday gift from us dadadada..” which immediately jogged my memory. I checked my planner and yes I did decorate the whole spread for that particular week with washi tape and stickers.

How come I forgot? I guess I’m aging?

It’s rather painful to admit that I will arrive to that stage of life I mean be in the 30’s. I remember when I turned 20, my sister said to me “oh wow you’re 20! You’re an adult now! You can eventually get married and have kids!” And we both clapped our hands.


Present day, I am single. Means, I’m unmarried and I have nobody to marry to.

I’ve read a post somewhere over the Internet that says when you’re about to turn 30, you’ll probably move to a new city, you will run a marathon, or have an affair. In my case, I don’t move to a new city (though I plan to), I don’t run a marathon (and I’ll never will) nor I have an affair. What’s wrong with me?

I’ve been living this dull life since I was 24 when I got my first job which is my current job. That was when life has officially begun. I graduated, moved to the city of Johor Bahru, got my first paycheck, bought my first car, bought my first Apple product (the iPhone 4), went to my first concert, went to grad school and graduated. There are indeed a lot of firsts in my 20s.

So how will my life be in my 30s? I don’t know. I crossed out all 10 wishes of my wish list. I think I’ll fresh start a new one but right now I have nothing in my mind. Okay maybe I already have a few, I don’t know.

I’m open to fun suggestions.


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