Payday Routine.

Today is payday. So that also means it’s envelope stuffing day!

These are my cash envelopes. I made them a bit fancy because why not?

This cash envelope system helps me so much with my monthly budgeting. I know people carry these envelopes in their wallets but I keep mine in my planner. For my wallet, I just use dividers, not the actual envelopes because it’s such a hassle to pull out those envelopes from my wallet every time I need some cash. Plus, it’s embarrassing, don’t you think? Especially in public.

And as you can see, I have several categories with of course different amount of cash stuffed in each envelope and they are not all I have. I do have a couple more  envelopes.

I may or may not do a separate blog post about this system because I think it’s kind of self-explanatory. But I swear by this system and I want to keep reminding myself to spend my hard earned money wisely even though I do cheat once in a while.

Who doesn’t?


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