What happened in May?

Well, nothing much.

I was supposed to spend the long Labor Day weekend in KL with my friend, Wahida, and her friend. We planned to spend the time at a hotel, go watch a random movie and of course, karaoke.

But meh, I bailed out at the very last minute. Instead, I was in my room all day for days watching Kdramas. I jumped from one series to another. From My Love From The Stars to Master’s Sun to some other web dramas.

It wasn’t that bad actually.

By the way, Korean class went alright. I skipped one night because I was too tired from working all day long. Other than that, I managed to introduced myself in Korean pretty decently.

On May 10, Kak Farhana and I went to collect our graduation photos at UTM. I seriously wanted to rip all of mine to pieces because my photos came out so so badly. It was me, not the photographers’ fault. I just need to fix my face, seriously.

I also went back home again this month (surprise!). This time it was for 2 weeks and I drove. It took me 7 solid hours to reach home but it was worth it. I cried a little once I arrived, not from being emotional or whatever but because I couldn’t feel my butt for 10 minutes and my legs were numb.

But again, it was all worth it.


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