April 2016.

Woot! So I paid my tuition fee and finally my name was on the list of graduate. I was glad. I mean, heart was (or is) still aching from what happened with MyBrain (my scholarship). Anyway, I already got my graduation outfit sorted. Actually me and my mom went shopping together for batik sutera (silk) when I was home last month.


A lot happened before the graduation day (April 23). I shall do a separate post for Graduation Day.

Graduated 🙂

And I have to say that April has to be the most stressful month for me, by far.

The busiest spread ever.

 Other than graduation, I also had Korean Language Class which was okay even though I got nervous from time to time. My brain is aging I guess because I was having a hard time to memorize the words my teacher taught me. On top of that, I was assigned to do something grueling at work, which I hated, ugh! I was in charge to appoint teachers as substitute/ emergency teachers for one whole month.


But the best thing for April was Day6 comeback. Yes, a Korean BAND. They were streaming live on V App at midnight and it was the best!




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