I’ve been slacking these past 5 months, I know. It is already June and here I am typing this post for the January update.

It’s okay.

Nobody cares anyway. Nobody reads this anyway.

So, here the recap for the month of January. I finished my final exams on day 3 of 2016 and I think I did pretty good. I don’t know, lol.

Went to study at the mall with Kak Farhana wearing these new shoes.

And then, there was also this research thesis thingymajiggy and conference papers as well as an article manuscript. Yes, all the fun stuff. Of course as I’m writing this post, they are no longer a nuisance. However looking back, I don’t know lah how I managed to handle all those things– plus work.

Life was chaotic and I was homesick.

But I remember the moment when I handled these hardbound copies to the faculty and to my supervisor…


… I was all set to party till dawn and ready to conquer a mountain! *cue epic music*

That’s for January.




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